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The World and Life today are increasingly overwhelmingly over-complex; and we are all at the risk of inadvertently ruining lives without actually understanding how and why we ever got into any mess we just happen to be in.


True Wisdom and Reason have never been so scarce and yet so needed as they would be today. And when we think of all the suffering that humanity, that individual persons, in all their uniqueness and infinite potential for good, have suffered because of horrifically violent conflicts that began with mere words, expressing false ideas, then it is easy to lose hope that we will ever truly merit calling ourselves Homo-Sapiens, and that we will ever survive long enough, as a species amongst other living creatures on this planet, to evolve into the very beings our souls must yearn to be!

Mel Gibson, I say; how has it come to this?

And allow me to qualify the rest of what I am about to state in my Open Letter to You: I was not there during any of the media-covered incidents when you, by your own admission, lost control of your temper and expressed things ( those which you have already admitted to, and not the ones you deny having said ) which, for the life of me, I cannot accept as appropriate from the mind of the actor who played the character of Jerry Fletcher in "Conspiracy Theory"  ( just to name of my favourites )! Even if what Mr. Joe Esterhas has alleged is only partly true, and I have no reason to doubt the veracity of his entire account; even then: what do you really, really want to believe in your heart of hearts is the actual truth about us Jews in general? How can you generalise about as diverse a grouping of people as we Jews are? How can you not see that the World is not a simple place where each group ( Religious, Ethno-Religious, Ethnic, etc. ) is a strictly homogeneous entity of people, whom you seem to think are all of the same characteristics? How is it that an otherwise intelligent and potentially sensitive person ( you could not have acted so well if you lack that capacity to be truly human ) can so easily fall prey to dangerously contrived and devised false conspiracy theories about those who too often have been victims of such horrifically defamatory, malicious lies and clever fabrications? Or do you think of yourself as too perfect to have ever been misled and influenced by people with very sinister motives?

As far as I am concerned; there are many reasons, some rather complex, others less so, for why you have fallen for a dangerous mix of half-lies, truths, myths, and BIG LIES; all of which culminate into an amalgamated Worldview that would even horrify YOU if only you had not fallen for them! After all; there is a very fine line between being truly righteous and becoming an unrighteous extremist and fanatically pursuing an agenda, whether somewhat consciously or not at all, that can only lead to one place, that can only arrive at one conclusion: TOTAL DISASTER!

Should we not all fear that, given how overwhelmingly complex the World has become, and how dangerously imbalanced things are as a result of  a failure to advance our common sense of High Ethics to match our technological abilities as a species, that we can too easily confuse confusion for evidence of any single theory about WHO is or WHO ARE to blame for the worst of things that happen? THINK ABOUT THIS Mel! THINK!

You know; having been the actual direct and indirect victim of many incidents of prejudice, including anti-Semitism ( the anti-Jewish type…because there is also anti-Semitism towards other Semitic Language peoples/cultures, etc. ), and other forms of irrational prejudice-born hate and fear…having suffered terrible things, I too could have fallen for any number of otherwise outrageous theories about WHO and WHY! And even now I have to keep reminding myself to be very, very careful about how I might fool myself into allowing others to fool me! WHICH IS WHY I have generally come to the conclusion that if it is ever a choice between a theory that suggests that one of the generally popular conspiracy theories is right ( e.g. The Rothchilds, The Fed, Woody Allen, The THIS or THAT ....etc. BS x BS ) OR that the World is actually a much more complex and difficult place to figure things out in, even for those who might seek to conspire; then I will conclude that the latter is more likely the case: that we live in a World full of otherwise mostly decent people, some of whom can also too easily be whipped-up into a ferociously dangerous frenzied wave of crazies, capable of terribly horrific things, all because there are also quite a few criminal opportunists at all socio-economic levels of society, including at the very bottom and the very top, albeit probably more so at the top! YES! I think WHAT is really going on ( don't you love that song by the late Marvin Gaye; " What's Going On " ) is that our World is a mixed-up place where, regardless of so-called race ( as far as I am concerned; we're ONE HUMAN RACE ), ethnicity, religion or religious background, there are hardcore criminals, thieves, thugs, real modern-day pirates and other types of criminal-minded fascists ( opposed to human freedom and the true inalienable rights of all persons ) who know very well just how easy it is to CONFUSE, DIVIDE and EXPLOIT, ENSLAVE and/or EXTERMINATE most other people! And I think those miserably lonely modern-day pirates and thugs, especially the ones at the top, know many very clever ways to keep the flames of conflict's fires just high enough to profit enormously from!!! YEAH! There may be a few fanatic, racist wackos from or amongst each general ethnic, religious, tribal group, BUT for the most part THE WORLD IS A MESS BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE US FAIL TO PROPERLY AND SUFFICIENTLY UNITE IN DIVERSITY AND WORK TOGETHER TO ENLIGHTEN, TO EDUCATE AND TO EMPOWER OTHERS, and do all that without causing further harm to the Natural Flora, Fauna and Ecosystems  upon which WE ALL DEPEND! Because all we really have Mel in this World is You, Me, Everybody, Love, Life and The Mysteries of The Universe!

So Mel; I'd like you to answer me: WHAT'S GOING ON?!

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo is an Independent Philosopher of Ethics and other things who currently resides in London, England, and who has Researched Conflicts and studied the principles and methods of Non-Violent Conflict Resolution.  

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Some Words born of Love to a Friend

We are all like snowflakes drifting in the wind....some of us are more unique on the surface, but we're all the same deep within!

The Universe and World around us are one half of what shapes our outer selves while the force of goodness deep within us reacts to these external forces; and it is the meeting of these two forces that give us our unique outer shells!

Our Souls desire to be at One with All that is Truly Loving, Kind, Understanding and Accepting...for our Souls are of the same Eternal Source as the Souls of all Creatures big and small; but our Living Bodies and the World upon which they depend is Imperfect and presents ever-changing situations: some which are Challenging Opportunities to Grow and become Enlightened to the Eternal Truths that our Souls knew countless times before...and had to forget to be able to be reborn again and gaze in awe at IT ALL!...and some which are Unpleasant Obstacles and potentially Lethal Threats! It is the truly Wise Person who understands all this without having to rely on pre-existing Dogma and Ideologies!

Your particular desire to be able to Impact upon the the hope that you might make it better, for yourself and others, and in the need to feel some legitimate sense of Empowerment in a World that is too often ruled by people whose false sense of Power is gained at the expense of countless Other People...they are those whose false sense of power comes from denying others their own right to Self-Empowerment...and yet your desire to be Unseen and Anonymous is due to your upbringing and your inklings as to the nature of H'SH'M. For if We are truly created in H'SH'M's Spiritual "IMAGE" ( actually the right word is "LIGHT" ) then it is only natural that We should seek to be at ONE with H'SH'M by Being As Much Alike to H'SH'M as We can possibly be!

Alas; this Life-long Quest for Greater Oneness and Acceptance, i.e. LOVE, must Truly Begin with Accepting the LOVE that is Already Being Shared! And even the most Lonely, Wretched of Us can Accept the LOVE of H'SH'M.

The Fear and Anxiety that We may feel, some of Us sometimes Too Often so; is the Fear and Anxiety of being Rejected and Un-Loved! And it is this Fear and Anxiety that wrecks havoc on Our Lives; on our Brains and Bodies and the People around Us!

To rid Ourselves of this Fear and Anxiety We must Truly allow Others to share our LOVE, vice versa! And Acts of Genuine Kindness, both Material and Spiritual, are The Only Way to Self-Empowerment, to the Real Power; the Power of the Force of LOVE that, IF WE ALL WOULD GENUINELY SEEK AND ACCEPT IT, would bring about World Peace, Health and Sustainable Prosperity!

Blessed are Those of my friends who accept me in my imperfection! Cursed by their own negativity (no need for me to curse them: for it is neither my right nor my will to do so) are those who reject the Real Me on account of: 1. Who I am not able to be. 2. Who I would never want to be. 3. Who I may YET be able to be! For it is by Being True to our Innermost Self that We can ever be FREE! And without True FREEDOM, i.e. Inner Freedom, Outer Social Freedom is impossible! To be FREE to BE YOUR TRUE SELF does not come from Imposing the Force of Your Own Insecurities on Others! DO UNTO OTHERS AS THEY TRULY WANT or LEAVE THEM BE!

"May The Stars Shine in Your Favour as Soon as You Dare to See Their True Light!" - JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The problem with society-in-general is what I would call THE INCREDULITY FACTOR ! Here's what I mean: when enough of the majority of the people of any given society arrive at a point where they forget how Fascism creeped into place the last time then people start to assume that Fascism could not happen again because...well...the horrific things it causes TAUGHT US TO BEWARE OF FASCISTS and "SOMEONE", among those in positions of Authority, is working to PREVENT FASCISM's RESURGENCE! Well; that's a serious problem! Because the best environment in which Fascism can easily begin to take place is one in which almost everyone thinks that it is impossible! They will even Ridicule and sometimes even Neglect or Attack anyone who tries to Blow A Whistle and Warn them! And that's what I mean!

One of the methods Fascists use is to CLAIM TO BE THEMSELVES THE VERY OPPOSITE! That they are the True Anti-Fascists and that the LIBERALS are the REAL FASCISTS! This was done, albeit in a somewhat different fashion, in both Italy and Germany, at the time Fascism began to creep up! Prior to that period the term Fascist was not used in reference to Authoritarian Dictatorships that came either in the form of Monarchies or in the form of Robespierre and The Jacobins, who held a Reign of Terror on Paris at during the French Revolutionary period! Robespierre was, in a sense, a Fascist! As were the Ancient Greek Spartans! Fascism is defined by both Nationalist Militarism and Autocratic Rule or even partial-Autocracy! Invariably it tends to disintegrate into total terror, because at the very core of almost everyone is the desire to be Free and to have Inalienable Rights!
Fascism disintegrates and turns into outright terror because people start to yearn for their own personal Freedom, Liberties and Rights and will begin to Resist, to Oppose Fascism...which the leader and their Ruling Class will do anything to suppress...and this eventually is why it disintegrates into a terror. Also; in any Fascist society there is always some competition for the Mantle of Power at the top level; and the constant fear of one's fellow Fascists causes Paranoia and outright violent conflict among the ranks! Hence Fascism is something we must always strive to prevent! BUT TO DO SO EFFECTIVELY means heeding the Warnings and Advice of a Relatively Democratic society's Non-Violent, Non-Conflict-Profiteering, Non-Conformists! The Self-Educated Geniuses who fully understand what are the root causes of Poverty, Strife and Violence.

It can be said that Fascism, made up of One Group of Criminal Thugs headed by a Charismatic Leader, comes into power to Bring A Violent End to any Terror of Outright Chaotic Anarchy caused by other groups of criminal thugs and then proceeds to Rule by Subtle forms of Terror, calculated to Intimidate The Masses into Passive Submission, and then it begins to Disintegrate into Very Obvious Constant Terror and ends up being Overthrown by people who seek to bring about a True Democracy. But the problem is that OVER TIME the Masses begin to Forget HOW FASCISM, like a Toxic Parasitic Fungus, begins to take hold and spread and eventually takes over! The Problem in our times: Violent Overthrow of Fascism is less and less possible and formation of True Democracies is also less likely!

HENCE we have an increasing number of Plutocracies that deliberately create Idiocracies for the Masses! And Plutocracies are, in a sense, nothing but another form of Fascism; except that the Ruling Gang of Thugs and Their Criminal Overlord are High Class Criminals who can afford to use even more Subtle methods of Intimidation and, if need be, Deliberate Disenfranchisement of any who would seek to bring about True Democracy, i.e. Social Democracy!

UNFORTUNATELY many of today's youths sense that things are not as they are mean to appear and that things are not going well, but this growing social paranoia, resulting from actual threats, leads to such levels of insecurity and frustration that they begin to grab desperately for anything and anyone that seems to provide an answer! And there many dangerously charismatic fools out there who know how to use Anarchist Rhetoric and Propaganda to attract these youths and mislead them into a dangerous, viscous cycle of conflict with those who work in Law Enforcement. This then creates a dangerous cycle of senseless conflict between to forces comprised of Adrenaline-addicted fools and Adrenaline-addicted enforcers who usually tend not to see what is really going on!

Meanwhile there are entities Way Up The Food Chain who profit from conflict, and who are forced by one another to continue doing so!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Greenwich Village Days"

Enough BS! OBL was An Enemy of Humanity & An Enemy Combatant!

People can be so Selfish-Minded! WHEN it happens to them or their loved ones they, rightly so, want psychotic fanatic murderers to be brought to Justice, when/if possible. Clearly OBL was exactly the kind of psychopath who our Navy Seals and Special Forces had justified reason to fear might press a button and detonate something. There are those who would rather believe the False Conspiracy Theorists who want people to believe that there is no Al-Qaeda, or any other similar terrorist groups, seeking to harm US! But it is interesting to note that most of these particular doubters, skeptics and deniers did not lose a loved-one or manage to survive such cowardly and totally unjustified attack. It's similar to how people who have never been homeless tend to assume that anyone who is homeless is somehow a lazy bum and/or mentally ill person, rather than someone who has been the target of sick people who know how to use the new technologies and entities (e.g. Internet Databases, tracking systems and Private Mercenary-type Background Security Check companies, etc.) to totally disenfranchise anyone who any wealthy person or group with serious power, money and influence can target (mostly for political purposes)! Most people fail to see the World in a Psychologically Self-Aware manner and thus fail to have empathy and feel solidarity with victims of both Criminal Thugs and Criminal Thugs who happen to be Psychotic Fanatics! OBL not only declared war on US, but he actually ordered, hence 'caused', the mass murder of thousands of wonderful, innocent people on 9-11, and many others elsewhere. OBL and ASSociates murdered thousands more of those he claimed to be the champion of! And OBL and ASSociates indirectly caused the death of hundreds of millions of poor people throughout the World; consequence of the Severe Global Economic Instability that followed the 9-11 attacks! True: there are sick, selfish, Conflict-Profiteering individuals and groups who exploit these horrific attacks on US and our loved-ones! And they too are a major threat to our relatively Wise, Liberal, Democratic Civilisation! Just because there are those in our midst who allowed these psychotic fanatics to murder US does not mean that they had to create them directly! OBL and ASSociates are not entitled to the kind of legal protections we must afford non-combatants; for they were combatants! OBL was their psychotic fanatic Commander and those who are/were brainwashed by him need to be denied the means, ability and opportunity to cause US further harm! Most of the World's Muslims are against OBL and the horrific things he and his ASSociates cause(d). Those who seek to make the War Against Terrorists into a perpetual pseudo-War On Terror ("War On Terror" is an illogical term: one cannot win a war on sick attitudes that may always reappear...we can only win The War on Terrorists)...anyway...those who seek to make this a permanent war are only able to do so by falsely pointing the finger of blame on true Muslims...people who know that terrorism is forbidden! Of course; many ask: then why are most terrorist acts done by people from within Muslim societies?? It is a fair question. But the answer is not what one would expect! The answer is this: Muslim societies did not have the same lengthy period of time to evolve and progress the way predominantly Christian and Jewish societies have! First of all; Islam arose almost 500 years after the rise of the faith created by John The Baptist and almost 1800 years after MOSES was Inspired by H'SH'M (G-D) to bring US The TORAH (Ten Commandments)! Secondly: there actually was a Golden Era of mixed Islamic-Jewish Science and Intellectual Progress in some parts of the then Islamic World; especially in Moorish Spain, Egypt and a few other places, BUT this Golden a time when Europe was in the Dark Ages...was destroyed and the Islamic World, for the most part, was set backwards by the Crusades! Thirdly: the Arab Islamic tribes, until the post-World War Two Era, were set back by Imperial Colonial European powers, and this itself helped create this dangerous and psychotic extreme anti-Europeanism! And finally: the Justified Need to provide us Jews a safe-haven secular homeland (Israel), following the horrors of The Holocaust and Ages of Horrific, Totally Unjustified, Brutality of Pogroms and other Murderous, Genocidal Anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, Czarist Russia and elsewhere, was exploited by Nazi-Infiltrated Pan-Arabist Ultra-Nationalists (Baathists, Nasserists, etc.) and other anti-Jewish extremists, thus creating a very un-Islamic (i.e. contradictory, in terms of the very Teachings/Edicts of Islam) attitude within Arab and non-Arab Muslims! Such that Muslim societies have only had a few decades to begin to become healthily introspective and self-critical! Unfortunately what OBL and ASSociates have done has contributed to a severe split within most Muslim societies; for which the rest of the World also is paying a very high price!
So: to those doubters, skeptics and deniers who think Al-Qaeda is simply a fabrication created to distract us and allow thugs from within our own societies to trample upon our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms and Liberties I say this: 1. These psychotic fanatic murderers are very real, are seeking to create a pseudo-Islamic Global Caliphate by means of barbaric forms of violence, and are very much of their own making! 2. There are Conflict-Profiteers in all societies who seek to exploit these attacks...who deliberately weaken our ability to protect ourselves from these psychotic fanatic murderers. 3. Your unrealistic attitude about these things actually helps to further harm both our Socio-Economic Interests/Welfare and our Socio-Psychological Welfare, i.e. our remaining Freedoms, Liberties and Individual Rights! IN ORDER TO DEFEAT Al-Qaeda and other similarly psychotic fanatic murderers WE MUST DO ALL THREE THINGS: 1. Restore All Our G-D-given Individual Human Rights, Freedoms and Liberties, 2. Help Encourage and Strengthen those, the silent majority of truly Moderate Muslims, i.e. Real Muslims, who have, until now, lived in perpetual fear; afraid of both the kookoos in their own midst (i.e. these Psychotic Fanatic Murderers) and of those Conflict-Profiteers in our midst who seek to Perpetuate War Forever (for Profit), and 3. Have our best trained Special Forces and the forces of Moderates locate and, if possible, capture and bring to face Public Court Trials, or, if not possible, cut off the snakeheads of these groups that use clever brainwashing techniques on bored, un-imaginative, weak-minded, susceptible youths!
And here are two comments I made today to a conversation of comments at The New Yorker's recent facebook posting concerning Pakistan's lack of trustworthiness:

Also: is our government, and every other major government on Earth, infiltrated by actual Nazis and other anti-Semitic Fascists who harm the reputation and interests of the majority of wonderful and decent Federal officers and officials who truly abide by Our Great Constitution? Could that be the reason we, the working poor and working middle-classes, have to suffer from all manner of criminal thugs and psychotic fanatics??

IF we leave...entirely...(I support the withdrawal, pending actual conditions, of most of our troops)...then we will leave the region open to being taken over by the forces of other powers; who have their own competing interests against ours! The World Is A Mess and Unilateral Acts, however Well-Intended in Appearance, can have Very Negative Consequences that can easily force US into even worse conflict! What we need is truly Wise and Super-Intelligent people, of a High Ethics, to Restore Sanity and Security to Our World! As Albert Einstein put it: "One cannot solve problems at the same level of intellect that caused/created them in the first place!" Where are the World's True Geniuses?

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Poem In Tribute To Ira Cohen (1935-2011)

Ira Cohen: Mind Imprint
(A Post-Ira Poem for Ira's Memorial)

Ira Wild-Eyed, Wandering  Witty Wonderer! 
You dared to dare those who dared to dare those who dared!
You soared like a Silver Albatross across Sapphire Blue Skies and over Emerald Green Mountains!
You explored the Sordid Sands of Time and exposed the Slime of Swine!
You ran in Spinning-Wheel spirals and danced in a trance at The Feet of Gurus, Yogis &
You drank deeply from The Eternal Stream of Sparkling Stars!
You Fought Poetically Against Unholy Wars!
You adorned the images of icons with Translucent Film and Filmed Translucency in Free-D!
You held my two Black-and-White spotted Japanese Funking nice!
You were Every Woman's, Every Man's and Every Hermaphrodite's Spice of Life!
You were Weird, Wily and Wacky...never shy, hardly dry, nor tacky...
Such that The Whole Phantasmaglorical World
of Thunderbolt Pagodas, Lightning-Flash Shamans, Dizzy-Whizzy Dervishes and Tantric Butterflies
Should and Shall Erect an Erection in Light of Your Explosively Bright Reflection!
And while you did all that your way; I'll stick to mine! 
You, the Son of The Thirteenth Tribe, The King of Bongo Bats, The Father of Flame-ish Hats!
Ira Cohen...He Who Has Set Minds Ablaze is Blazing Across The Infinite Universe!
Kol Tov!

By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher/Poet, April 28, 2011. London, England.

You can read my Obituary on Ira Cohen here: