Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Poem In Tribute To Ira Cohen (1935-2011)

Ira Cohen: Mind Imprint
(A Post-Ira Poem for Ira's Memorial)

Ira Wild-Eyed, Wandering  Witty Wonderer! 
You dared to dare those who dared to dare those who dared!
You soared like a Silver Albatross across Sapphire Blue Skies and over Emerald Green Mountains!
You explored the Sordid Sands of Time and exposed the Slime of Swine!
You ran in Spinning-Wheel spirals and danced in a trance at The Feet of Gurus, Yogis &
You drank deeply from The Eternal Stream of Sparkling Stars!
You Fought Poetically Against Unholy Wars!
You adorned the images of icons with Translucent Film and Filmed Translucency in Free-D!
You held my two Black-and-White spotted Japanese Funking nice!
You were Every Woman's, Every Man's and Every Hermaphrodite's Spice of Life!
You were Weird, Wily and Wacky...never shy, hardly dry, nor tacky...
Such that The Whole Phantasmaglorical World
of Thunderbolt Pagodas, Lightning-Flash Shamans, Dizzy-Whizzy Dervishes and Tantric Butterflies
Should and Shall Erect an Erection in Light of Your Explosively Bright Reflection!
And while you did all that your way; I'll stick to mine! 
You, the Son of The Thirteenth Tribe, The King of Bongo Bats, The Father of Flame-ish Hats!
Ira Cohen...He Who Has Set Minds Ablaze is Blazing Across The Infinite Universe!
Kol Tov!

By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher/Poet, April 28, 2011. London, England.

You can read my Obituary on Ira Cohen here:

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