Sunday, 8 May 2011

Enough BS! OBL was An Enemy of Humanity & An Enemy Combatant!

People can be so Selfish-Minded! WHEN it happens to them or their loved ones they, rightly so, want psychotic fanatic murderers to be brought to Justice, when/if possible. Clearly OBL was exactly the kind of psychopath who our Navy Seals and Special Forces had justified reason to fear might press a button and detonate something. There are those who would rather believe the False Conspiracy Theorists who want people to believe that there is no Al-Qaeda, or any other similar terrorist groups, seeking to harm US! But it is interesting to note that most of these particular doubters, skeptics and deniers did not lose a loved-one or manage to survive such cowardly and totally unjustified attack. It's similar to how people who have never been homeless tend to assume that anyone who is homeless is somehow a lazy bum and/or mentally ill person, rather than someone who has been the target of sick people who know how to use the new technologies and entities (e.g. Internet Databases, tracking systems and Private Mercenary-type Background Security Check companies, etc.) to totally disenfranchise anyone who any wealthy person or group with serious power, money and influence can target (mostly for political purposes)! Most people fail to see the World in a Psychologically Self-Aware manner and thus fail to have empathy and feel solidarity with victims of both Criminal Thugs and Criminal Thugs who happen to be Psychotic Fanatics! OBL not only declared war on US, but he actually ordered, hence 'caused', the mass murder of thousands of wonderful, innocent people on 9-11, and many others elsewhere. OBL and ASSociates murdered thousands more of those he claimed to be the champion of! And OBL and ASSociates indirectly caused the death of hundreds of millions of poor people throughout the World; consequence of the Severe Global Economic Instability that followed the 9-11 attacks! True: there are sick, selfish, Conflict-Profiteering individuals and groups who exploit these horrific attacks on US and our loved-ones! And they too are a major threat to our relatively Wise, Liberal, Democratic Civilisation! Just because there are those in our midst who allowed these psychotic fanatics to murder US does not mean that they had to create them directly! OBL and ASSociates are not entitled to the kind of legal protections we must afford non-combatants; for they were combatants! OBL was their psychotic fanatic Commander and those who are/were brainwashed by him need to be denied the means, ability and opportunity to cause US further harm! Most of the World's Muslims are against OBL and the horrific things he and his ASSociates cause(d). Those who seek to make the War Against Terrorists into a perpetual pseudo-War On Terror ("War On Terror" is an illogical term: one cannot win a war on sick attitudes that may always reappear...we can only win The War on Terrorists)...anyway...those who seek to make this a permanent war are only able to do so by falsely pointing the finger of blame on true Muslims...people who know that terrorism is forbidden! Of course; many ask: then why are most terrorist acts done by people from within Muslim societies?? It is a fair question. But the answer is not what one would expect! The answer is this: Muslim societies did not have the same lengthy period of time to evolve and progress the way predominantly Christian and Jewish societies have! First of all; Islam arose almost 500 years after the rise of the faith created by John The Baptist and almost 1800 years after MOSES was Inspired by H'SH'M (G-D) to bring US The TORAH (Ten Commandments)! Secondly: there actually was a Golden Era of mixed Islamic-Jewish Science and Intellectual Progress in some parts of the then Islamic World; especially in Moorish Spain, Egypt and a few other places, BUT this Golden a time when Europe was in the Dark Ages...was destroyed and the Islamic World, for the most part, was set backwards by the Crusades! Thirdly: the Arab Islamic tribes, until the post-World War Two Era, were set back by Imperial Colonial European powers, and this itself helped create this dangerous and psychotic extreme anti-Europeanism! And finally: the Justified Need to provide us Jews a safe-haven secular homeland (Israel), following the horrors of The Holocaust and Ages of Horrific, Totally Unjustified, Brutality of Pogroms and other Murderous, Genocidal Anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, Czarist Russia and elsewhere, was exploited by Nazi-Infiltrated Pan-Arabist Ultra-Nationalists (Baathists, Nasserists, etc.) and other anti-Jewish extremists, thus creating a very un-Islamic (i.e. contradictory, in terms of the very Teachings/Edicts of Islam) attitude within Arab and non-Arab Muslims! Such that Muslim societies have only had a few decades to begin to become healthily introspective and self-critical! Unfortunately what OBL and ASSociates have done has contributed to a severe split within most Muslim societies; for which the rest of the World also is paying a very high price!
So: to those doubters, skeptics and deniers who think Al-Qaeda is simply a fabrication created to distract us and allow thugs from within our own societies to trample upon our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms and Liberties I say this: 1. These psychotic fanatic murderers are very real, are seeking to create a pseudo-Islamic Global Caliphate by means of barbaric forms of violence, and are very much of their own making! 2. There are Conflict-Profiteers in all societies who seek to exploit these attacks...who deliberately weaken our ability to protect ourselves from these psychotic fanatic murderers. 3. Your unrealistic attitude about these things actually helps to further harm both our Socio-Economic Interests/Welfare and our Socio-Psychological Welfare, i.e. our remaining Freedoms, Liberties and Individual Rights! IN ORDER TO DEFEAT Al-Qaeda and other similarly psychotic fanatic murderers WE MUST DO ALL THREE THINGS: 1. Restore All Our G-D-given Individual Human Rights, Freedoms and Liberties, 2. Help Encourage and Strengthen those, the silent majority of truly Moderate Muslims, i.e. Real Muslims, who have, until now, lived in perpetual fear; afraid of both the kookoos in their own midst (i.e. these Psychotic Fanatic Murderers) and of those Conflict-Profiteers in our midst who seek to Perpetuate War Forever (for Profit), and 3. Have our best trained Special Forces and the forces of Moderates locate and, if possible, capture and bring to face Public Court Trials, or, if not possible, cut off the snakeheads of these groups that use clever brainwashing techniques on bored, un-imaginative, weak-minded, susceptible youths!
And here are two comments I made today to a conversation of comments at The New Yorker's recent facebook posting concerning Pakistan's lack of trustworthiness:

Also: is our government, and every other major government on Earth, infiltrated by actual Nazis and other anti-Semitic Fascists who harm the reputation and interests of the majority of wonderful and decent Federal officers and officials who truly abide by Our Great Constitution? Could that be the reason we, the working poor and working middle-classes, have to suffer from all manner of criminal thugs and psychotic fanatics??

IF we leave...entirely...(I support the withdrawal, pending actual conditions, of most of our troops)...then we will leave the region open to being taken over by the forces of other powers; who have their own competing interests against ours! The World Is A Mess and Unilateral Acts, however Well-Intended in Appearance, can have Very Negative Consequences that can easily force US into even worse conflict! What we need is truly Wise and Super-Intelligent people, of a High Ethics, to Restore Sanity and Security to Our World! As Albert Einstein put it: "One cannot solve problems at the same level of intellect that caused/created them in the first place!" Where are the World's True Geniuses?

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  2. He was an ENEMY COMBATANT...DECLARED WAR ON US...FOLLOWED-THROUGH and MURDERED Thousands of Our Fellow Citizens and Friends...caused the MURDER of MILLIONS MORE Worldwide, including MANY TRUE-MUSLIMS! He Violated International Law and he was notorious for Sick Suicide Attacks! SO: what was done to Rid Our World of Him was Justified! He was no Average Enemy deserving the same Legal Protections we must always afford non-Commanding troops and even brainwashed fanatics who surrender!

  3. TORTURE is TOTALLY UNRELIABLE...COSTS US WAY MUCH MORE THAN IT IS WORTH..both in terms of Our Own Self-Identity, Our Own Core Values and considering that most of the so-called "intelligence" it provides turns out to be ABSOLUTE HOGWASH that actually endangers innocent people and puts US in greater danger! INSTEAD we might use non-Violent, non-Fear-evoking methods. Recreating entire environments that convince people that they are amongst their own 'again'; where they will Spill The Beans! THAT IS WHAT WORKS! We must never stoop down to the level of Barbarism of those who seek to harm us! AGAIN: the info. gained is so unreliable, so often, that it has done more harm, even to our own! There have been reports of our own agents being put in harms way because of false info.! There have been Agents who were forced to become Rogues because of False Info. attained under torture! The ones who really know stuff tend not to tell things correctly! And the ones who turn out to be innocent (wrong place/wrong time): what will happen later on?! They will turn against us OR their loved-ones will! NO TORTURE IS NOT THE ANSWER! But GOOD, WISE POLICIES and CLEVER METHODS OF CONFIDENCE-ATTAINMENT: those things WORK! Neither Torture NOR Collective Punishment! ONLY BEING TRULY BETTER, WISER and KINDER (and more CLEVER) does!

  4. Now; some have asked: what about a situation where there is a major immediate threat to US: even then Torture will not work! Our best DEFENCE IS PREVENTING OPPORTUNITIES from ARISING! We need to do much more to PREVENT things from ever happening. Baiting is ACCEPTABLE IF DONE CORRECTLY! But not IF it is done in any way that pressures the target to act in a manner not of their free will!

  5. As a Philosopher of Ethics I think about everything from Individual Human Rights, Sexual Freedom, Sharing Life's Exotic and Erotic Pleasures, Music that makes Us Healthy, and the negative things of the World; War, Crime, Corruption, Unjustified Violence, etc... Besides; I am a Writer of Science Fiction and like my role-models Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Arthur C. Clarke, and Ray Bradbury I THINK LOTS ABOUT THINGS!